At summit we know and understand you have concerns about anesthesia. While it is a very safe part of your procedure, there’s always potential risk. Our primary focus is to minimize all the risks and create a safe, peaceful and comforting environment for you so you feel cared for and attended to. Here’s a few things we’d like you to know to set your mind at ease:

  1. We really care about you, your health and especially  your safety.
  2. All of our professional staff are highly trained, constantly undergoing ongoing continuing education, and work extensive hours in the field gaining experience.
  3. All of our anesthetists and anesthesiologists are highly certified, thoroughly background screened and put through rigorous vetting process.
  4. We are always happy to answer questions or concerns you may have about our services. Please feel free to call us by tapping/clicking  this number: (800) 282-2762 , or chat with us via one of contact form HERE, and help you be more at ease with our services.